Intellimali | Allowances
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An ongoing evolution of Flexibility and Innovation

Our operating model connects the various funding sources to the recipient’s needs.  The recipients are then able to access the market and spend their allowances in a range of markets.

We administer a range of allowance categories on behalf of the sponsor/funder/donor.  All merchants that qualify for allowances are determined by the sponsor/funder/donor and the payment processes and administration is executed by IntelliMalil.

The allowance categories include:


Recipients are able to purchase both printed (soft and hardcopy) or electronic books and learning resources.  They have a choice between physical bookstores and on-line stores.


Recipients are able to utilise both on-campus and off-campus merchants.  Typically, the on-campus merchant (in the case of students) is a University Residence while the off-campus merchant could be an apartment, student accommodation complex or approved shared residence.


Recipient’s tuition is paid on their behalf to the institution.


Recipients are able to purchase both prepared meals (at restaurants or canteens) as well as groceries from participating retailers.  The allowance limit can be managed on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.


Recipients can receive a cash payment from our system to their personal bank account.  The cash is then redeemed from their bank account using their banking card or banking method of choice.

National merchant partners for food and books include:

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