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A stipend is a fixed sum of money, paid regularly to a recipient to cover their expenses in exchange for their services.  The expenses generally include food, clothing, travel and accommodation.  Most recipients of stipends are either completing an internship or apprenticeship; volunteering in a non-profit organisation or operating within the informal sector of the economy.

We make payment of stipends to these recipients easy by providing the transactional platform which enables recipients to conduct various transactions within our closed loop environment.

Recipients can use either Intellicard or Intellicell to purchase goods and services within our vast merchant community or they can draw cash from the registered and approved retailers.

The benefit of the closed loop transactional environment is that we eliminate unnecessary intermediaries and as a result offer very affordable, and target-audience sensitive, transactional costs.

Our integration with both Shoprite and PnP enables us to support stipend projects on a national basis.

We have provided stipend administration services to distinguished organisations such as:

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