Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the specialised nature of our service, existing and future clients may have questions.  We’ve prepared a set out FAQs below but if you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us via the ‘Talk to Us’ option (including Live Chat)



What services does Intellimali offer?

Intellimali offers a payment management and administration service to Recipients, Funders, Employers, Merchants, and Sponsors.  Our service provides all of them with one common advantage: a faster, hassle-free on-the-go payment platform, a money administration service and management & reporting solution.

Why is IntelliCard called the “Intelligent card”?

Unlike most cards which have their ‘intelligence’ on a chip on the card, IntelliCard accesses a database on web-based servers and can be programmed to do almost anything required and receive updates and adjustments from a remote location.  If required, we can suspend the card if it’s lost or top up available allowances by allocating more money remotely onto the card.

How reliable is IntelliCard?

Since its release into the market, IntelliCard has been both reliable and fast.  Service continuity has been exceptionally good, and we enjoy a 99.9% system ‘uptime’ record.   Power failures do not affect our systems as the payment machines we supply have backup batteries and run for about six hours without power. The Intellimali Master Servers are hosted by Internet Solutions and are supported by the full array of security and service continuity facilities, including generator power, firewall security, data backup, mirrored sight and disaster recovery.

What online services are available?

Each type of user (Recipient, Funder, Employer, Merchant and Sponsor) has their own online portal which they can log into using a unique username and password. Recipients can view balances and statements, disable their card or update their details. Merchants can view a ‘Transactions Report’ for a specified date range, and Funders can view recipients’ balances and modify a wide range of details instantly.

Can anyone use IntelliCard?

No, although we would be delighted if you chose to use our service. Users must be a registered customer or a registered allowance recipient from a Funder which has chosen to be serviced by Intellimali.



What does Intellimali offer Funders?

Intellimali offers Funders a superior means of managing student loans and bursaries. We do not operate like other smart cards; everything takes place on a server level (not at the card level), meaning students’ funds can be centrally accessed in a secure environment and changed with immediate effect by the Funder administrator or our team.

How does the system reduce administrative strain?

Recipients’ allowances are divided neatly into various categories that correspond to the goods they can buy at various merchants in and around their campus. For you, this means far less time spent dealing with vouchers or bank transfers. Furthermore, our system gives you a significant level of control over recipient funds, with the ability to view fund details and in some cases update allowances.

What does the Funder Portal offer?

The Funder Portal allows your administrators to log in and view or update various details such as a report of all recipients’ allowance amounts, as well as their details. Depending on the institution and administrator logging in, there may also be an option to top up allowances and disable or re-enable a recipient’s card.

How can we establish IntelliCard at our institution?

To implement IntelliCard, go to the “Talk to Us” page and contact us.  We will arrange to visit you to do a demonstration and answer all your questions.  Our team will also train all your administrators to ensure that they are competent and comfortable using the Funder Portal.



What does Intellimali offer employers?

Intellimali offers Employers a simple way through which to pay wages and stipends to employees who are on various contracts, or who do not have an active bank account. We do not operate like other smart cards; everything takes place on a server level (not at the card level), meaning that the Employer has total control, and that employees’ payments can be easily accessed and instantly adjusted according to their fluctuating earnings.

How does the system reduce administrative strain?

Our system gives you total control when paying a range of casual workers.  Once the individuals’ basic details are captured on our system, you are able to view historic payment details, then either repeat a payment run or update amounts as they vary.

How can we establish Intellimali at our employee payment service?

To implement IntelliCard, go to the “Talk to Us” page and contact us.  We will arrange to visit you, do a demonstration and answer all your questions.



What does IntelliMali offer merchants?

The efficient & simple transaction process with the IntelliCard means that your business will have shorter, less impatient queues. The end-of-month claim process is simple and pain-free and we provide technical support for any hardware and software issues.

What kinds of merchants are already with Intellimali?

There are many types of businesses that are currently using Intellimali. While they are assigned to an category, such as food, books, or stationery, we are constantly expanding and adapting to suit businesses that provide useful services to recipients and customers.

How can I establish Intellimali at my business?

Generally, merchants get set up with Intellimali when the funder/institution signs a contract with us and lists the merchant they would like to offer recipients. Alternatively, you can approach us directly and request that we add you to our preferred merchants list.

How do I operate the Intellimali system at my store?

The Intellimali payment methods are very easy to accommodate. We offer a full range which includes: IntelliPos (an APP), IntelliScan (QR Code) or a terminal which accepts our ‘Swipe and PIN’ card.

How do I find out more about becoming an appointed merchant?

To find out more about becoming an Intellimali merchant, contact us via our ‘Talk to Us’ options or on [email protected]

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